Hi, I’m Blake! I’ve taken on several attempts to blog over the years, and here’s the latest incarnation… as of 2017, that is. I’m working on better documenting and sharing my experiences in the world of technology, from software development practices to misadventures in coding to startups to unmanned arial vehicles, along with a smattering of other topics, including travel, music, and general musings on life, the universe, and everything. Feel free to join the ride of my crazy brain to see where this all goes. In doing so, I strongly encourage you to comment on any post. Let’s see if we can spark some interesting discussion.

As part of the motivation for this latest writing foray, I’m wanting to share my thoughts in an effort to help others learn from my experiences instead of having to learn everything on their own. Pretty much anything I might write here, I could discuss for many hours on end. If anything on here piques your interest enough to chat about more, feel free to reach out directly. You can best do so by emailing me at: <my first name> <AT> <this domain>. I hope to hear from you!